Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Flores de Mayo 2012

Every year in May, i have been part of the Flores de Mayo Festivals of the Filipino Community in Cologne. This year, i graduated from these Festivals, making me the Reyna Elena (Queen Helena) of the Parade.
I loved my Dress, i felt all pretty and glamorous in it!

Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

DoCoMi 2012

Outfit of that day.

It's been ages since i've been to an Anime Convention. The last one i went to was the Animagic 2008 and if i recall correctly i wasn't all that enthusiastic about it in the end. Now, 4 years later, i decided to go to the DoCoMi in Düsseldorf after dear Karo asked me if i want to go with her.

Conventions are boring if you go there with your Mom ( i admit, i only came with my mom the first time i went to a con... ) but with good friends -like all things in life- are actually fun i  noticed!
I guess they are even more fun if youre a Cosplayer and you and your Friends fool around all over the venue! Thats why Karo and I kinda felt like wanting to cosplay too,I don't like the costumey kind of Cosplay though. I always wanted to do cosplay which could also pass as an awesome take on
 japanese street fashion. Something along the lines of Death Notes MisaMisa. I felt like getting some cute wigs and rocking a Misa outfit!

Apart from watching Cosplayers we also took a long stroll around the stalls. What can i say, there was very kawaii but also typical Convention Stuff. We noticed ourselves squealing from stall to stall!
What i especially enjoyed seeing there were the Ragecomic Buttons and charms, i would've bought boyfie the trollface one but i found them too be way too expensive then.

Look at us feeling all supahcawaii in our otaku hats! 

After walking around the whole venue,  we got hungry and wanted to visit the host club. Yes, the Con had a Host Club. 8D We bought some Coupons and then stood in Line, when it was our turn in the line, the receptionist hostguy told us what they do and asked us which host we want to be accompanied by. When we actually imagined how guys are supposed to entertain us while we eat, we felt all embarrassed and stood there for a while giggling stupidly. xD

 After we calmed down we took a look at the list and chose the one we wanted to be our host. We first picked a guy named Tobi, or Toni or something. He was really goodloocking and seemed to be the most booked out host. So because we didn't want to wait too long we decided to just get the guy who was available at that time, which happened to be  a guy called Mino.

When we came to sit at the table Mino still attended his other guests. They were laughing and flirtily poking fun at him while he was acting all hurt and stuff. It was kinda cute. After their session ended and when he attended to us he was all complayining about how his customers are all weird people and how there was some person with undefinable gender who bit him in the neck. He then told us how relieved he was to see us, since we were the only normal customers he had so far. Poor Guy, we kinda felt sorry for him.Mino seemed to be a nice guy harrased by crazy otakus.

It was a reallly interesting experience, what seemed to be awkward at first was actually quite nice in the end. I ordered a non alcoholic cocktail ( becuase alcohol was not allowed in the venue) and something called Amiyori. I dont know why it was called Amiyori though, since to me it just seemed like a Onigiri with filling.

Ah well, i guess i'll never find out. It was tasty though!

Thanks for reading, till next post :)

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012


..and i don't when i'm not.

I noticed that my blogging decreased when i started university. Some might think this might be due to stress and heavy studying. But its not, because, looking back i realized that i didn't do alot. I didn't listen to the lectures, didn't watch the movies ( cuz basically i was studying film studies :/) and only did the obligatory papers. I hoped for my course to turn out better in the future, thats why i gave it a chance for the second semester. But it didn't get better. I even took some Lectures about Comics, and i didn't care about it at all. This depressed me so much, it made sad and angry and all out confused. I had not a bit of Passion for my course.

Thats why, i finally decided to stop.
I don't want to graduate leaving me with the feeling of not having learned something at all.

So here i am right now, sitting in front of my laptop writing emails to Advertising Agencies, asking for available Internship spots. Next Year, I am going to apply for design courses. Which is what i wanted to do ever since School. I just didn't go that way because i thought i was made for more, i was such an ego, i thought i had to go to University instead of "only" an art school.

Well fuck it i was stupid. I just want to feel happy with what i'm doing now.

And i feel incredibly happy and relieved about finally having decided what to do. Now i just need to proove my Mom and everyone else that i can do it.

So, to end my Sentitalk and to to excuse my absence from the Bloggasphere (sp??) i'll show you what i've been up to these last months  in a quick xiuxiu meit tu photocollage

1 + 2.Karneval | 3. playing with Makeup | 4. Doc Martens i got from Chani <3 | 5. before going to Düsseldorf | 6. Puris with Friends

 1. Makeup for the Beauty fair | 2. Daniela Katzenberger at the Beauty fair | 3. Cologne | 4. Mixtas | 5. Me
 1. Sushi with Boyfie | 2. Me & Daddy | 3. My new Hair & Mommy | 4. handmade B-day cake for mom | 5.Whats left of the cake

1. Dressing room at Divisoria | 2. Wicked Oreos | 3. Inuman on Mothersday | 4. Me & my Godchild Chloe | 5. Chloe Baby <3

The last set of pics were from the Philippines, we spontaneously flew over because my dear Uncle died. It was a very sad Trip, but i'm happy to have seen my family again.

If you still read this, well thanks for still checking out my blog. I may not be the hippest or most exciting person in the world to read about, but i still appreciate alot when people listen, or what i have to say or want to show.

Thanks, till next post then.

Samstag, 3. März 2012


mooh! yea right, i'm back with a new post! :D

I've been busy with school papers these days so i wasn't able to post, but i already finished the bigger piece of work and only have a small paper to do left!
So with this post i just wanted to show you my look for karneval- a german holiday i already talked about here. For the Parades, i got myself a Cow Kigurumi and dressep up as.... well, cow! :D

I had so much fun playing with makeup! I had some lower lashes, but additionally drew some on manually!

At night, when going out to Party, i was BatGirl ! :D dum dum duuuum! Again, i had lots of fun trying out the look for that day, i even wore my new lenses with it.

1. Batgirl undercover mode. 2. without costume

Btw. i am thinking of getting myself a mac lipstick, any shades you can reccomend?

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Drawing on my way to uni

So i started drawing again. Well..occasionally. On my Iphone.

You know the Brushes app? If not,you should totally get it if you've got an Ipod or Iphone and like to draw. Although the stuff i do with brushes are only small pictures, i'm greatful enough that this app lets me draw wherever i am, since its been AGES that i've done some creative work.
First of all i'm just going to show you guys some recent work of mine, the first ones beeing the most recent.

Okok i know. Lots of girls and not much variations at poses. I'ts just that i LOVE drawing pretty eyes and pretty hair. Got not much artistic emotional depth but its so much fun!

I like how this App inspired me to sit down again and properly work on something again. I want to improve in drawing and get more professional since i know i've got the potential. It just died down with me turning out to be so lazy... but i'll try to draw something proper again once i've done my Work for Uni!

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012


I'm sorry everybody for following with a more personal post. I'm glad for my blog to hit the 100 readers mark but not a post followed since then. Thats because thing is, Life is hard at the moment.

It started with a depressing phase concerning uni, and whether i really want to continue studying what i started to study. I was torn apart between studying humanities and studying design. I calmed down my panic by telling myself that i must not give up when things start to get hard, just like the saying goes "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
And well yeah, i need to get stronger.
I lack Discipline, Orderliness, and need to be way more confident in certain situations. I'm still so dependent on everything and everybody, i have to grow up and learn how to be independent.
Things are getting hard, i know i need to change and therefore today, tried to clear out my room of useless ballast. And oh how my room monitors the way i am. One big mess.

Well, i'm sure things are getting better someday, i just felt like blogging again, even though this may not be a very entertaining post.

Thanks for reading though.


Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

wow, 100 followers, thanks! :)

So, i actually just opened my laptop to print out some unistuff. While waiting for the pages beeing printed out i thought about taking a look at my blogger dashboard again.

I finally hit the 100 readers mark, thanks guys! :)

Even though it seemed like i neglected the blog a little bit, I hope its still somehow halfway interesting/entertaining/timekilling to some of you.
I'm trying to stop forcing posts and just write them freely and whenever i want, trying not to be too focused on reader counts when posting. I thought my count number won't rise anymore because of that, but luckily this didn't seem to be the case.

I'm thinking about maybe doing a small giveaway since i have so much cute little things at home, but for now, have some thankyou muffins i made yesterday!

Thanks again my 100 readers :)